Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Essie Bikini So Teeny

I was a late bloomer to make up. It wasn't that I had no interest; I loved watching my mum and sisters apply it and watched how they changed minutely into another 'part of themselves' - but I never 'plastered' it on in school, until I was about 16 and then it was all about the cat flick eyeliner. 

I just wasn't that fussed - I had been cleansing, toning and moisturising since the age of 11... My skin behaved throughout my teens. Apart from redness and the monthly spot (every month, one would appear without fail,) my skin was clean and clear. It was Avon products that my mother got me, if you were intrigued and they worked a charm at the time.

Why the long bio? Well, I was a late comer to Essie polishes too. My first was Absolutely Shore, a pale green, almost minty and perfect for my ever-pale skin tone. Since then I haven't looked back and the collections been building.

Recently I purchased Bikini So Teeny (told you I was a late bloomer!) and oh gawd! It is so beautiful. It's the most perfect shade of cornflower blue with the right amount of shimmer - it's the kind of shade that'll look beautiful on all. I don't regret a thing, I say! It has the wide brush (my favourite,) so application is a dream. Depending on what I'm doing depends on the tip wear/chips. Not working and it can go between three to four days before I need to repair, but if I'm working then, well, just two days and I need to do a repair job but the colour is so pretty I don't care.

It's like the little sister of Lapiz of Luxury a pretty ocean blue - put these two together and you could most definitely do an ombre effect that'll remind you of clear skies and sea... 

Essie polishes retail for about £7.99 but you can pick up mini's from Ebay and Fragrance Direct also carry selected Essie that usually go on sale so keep an eye out!

What's your favourite Essie polish?


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