Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mini-Haul | Superdrug

I think it's safe to bet that if I have to pick up anything from Boots or Superdrug (Hot cloth cleansers, usually,) that if there is an offer on cosmetics, I will pick something up. This time, I picked up three little somethings...

First up was the Rimmel Salon Pro nail varnish in Peppermint. Oh, it had me at first glance - a perfect green-blue for Summer - plus the finish and longevity of the product is brilliant especially for the price point. 

Second, another polish. This time by Barry M - my Superdrug can sometimes fall behind on ranges when it comes to make up but recently they have undergone some changes to their stands (YAY!) and with it comes better stock lines for me to peruse. I picked up the Sequin Nail Paint in shade 1 (really, not a delightful name for this pretty product?) and it seriously reminds me of those penny sweets, my favourites, sometimes called white rainbow drops. I trust in Barry M polishes ever since my early teen years, and this doesn't disappoint. 

Last of all was Permanent Taupe - from the Maybelline Colour Tattoo range. I've had On and On Bronze and love it dearly so picked up this shade. I love it, of course. I usually use my fingers to apply these or the Detailer brush from Real Techniques (it's stiff enough to apply these kinds of products perfectly! A match made in heaven...) and the opportunity to build up in light layers is incredible. You can go subtle to smokey very easily. 

So that was my little pick me up, what was your recent treat to yourself, beauty or otherwise?


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