Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Moving from GFC to Bloglovin'

 photo bloglovinfinal_zps86356d25.png

I think most bloggers and blog followers are now aware that Google Friend Connect/Google Reader will be out of action come July - there is a post here about how to import your blogs from google reader onto Bloglovin'.

You may have noticed the blog had a switch around and the buttons on the side bar are all fancy now. So, just to give you a heads up, the grey heart (above,) is a link to bloglovin' so you can follow me on that platform too. :)


Edit; or alternatively you can follow me on She Said Beauty.


  1. Google is cool company and they made great favor to all bloggers.

    1. They are a great company, I'm a complete google fan-girl - I chose a Nexus 7 over an ipad. It's a shame that GFC/Google reader won't be here after july though.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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