Friday, 21 June 2013

Nail Polish | Current Collection

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I'm an odd one; this statement is true for most people though. I have this perfect 50/50 split of how I treat hoarding/collections from my parents. My father, a hoarder - my mother, an obsessive compulsive who fears not with throwing anything away and would probably have a supremely minimalist house if it wasn't for the rest of us (you know, pesty children, grandchildren...)

I hoard (magazines, books, make up...) but then a while later just throw it out - not everything, I re-evaluate what I will use/read and then donate the rest to family members or bin them if they've gone bad (magazines usually go straight to the doctors office,) - books are the only exception, they always stay. 

My boyfriend rolled his eyes when I purchased a magazine and it came with free nail polishes. 'But you already have a ton!' -- 'But they are Ciate,' I say. And mores to the point, a freebie with a magazine I would of bought anyway. Win win. He told me to go take a picture of my collection; and here's what I've learnt...

You can never have too many nudes/whites. They are perfect for doing accent nails, nail art, and just as a base to a glitter nail. No matter how much I grew up hating pink; it just looks god damn good on my nails. Four of a shade range seems to be a healthy balance (blues, orange/corals, yellow/golds.) I'm probably going to donate 'Crack Your Colour' to my niece, it slipped through the net. I don't have enough greens/mints. There can only be one red.

Okay, 'only one red?' I hear you cry? Let's just take a minute to process this thought. I swear by this particular red polish time after time because I know it suits my skin tone, know it applies like a dream and I can rely on the fact it will still be on my nails after three days at least before any tip-wear occurs. I also have a favourite red lip stick that I know rocks any outfit and makes me feel awesome. A red nail is as much as a staple as a red lip, a little black dress, a crisp white shirt and those perfect jeans (if you're lucky enough to have found your perfect pair...) and a classic pair of black pumps. It's just something you have to have - need to have because it's your beta, an old friend, a comforting soup... 

Have I made my point? This is my red. 

So, what's your favourite red polish? I put it to you to narrow it down to one that you know is perfect for you.


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