Friday, 26 July 2013

Colour Me

You might think me stupid for doing a post about palettes that aren't actually readily available anymore - but hold onto that thought, because this is farewell. I've had these eye shadows for far too long - they are considerably well past the 'ditch' stage but I guess I've held onto them because they are my only source of colour for my peepers. They still work well, but given the sensitivity of my skin - it's time to go. So here's an ode to my only colours - and how they worked for me.

First up is the 17 Day and Night palette - which you can buy on ebay if you're intrigued, but I bought it in Boots in the sale a few years ago. It contains ten colours, five for day and five for night - so let me tell you I love the idea of this because you don't really have to think that much about it - it's particularly handy if you're new to make up and want to inject a bit of colour. 

I think you can tell from the picture but I barely touched the blues - it's just a colour that doesn't suit me that much unless it's a navy or just a pop of colour along a lash line. I have used them for the purpose, but it's the other colours that have really helped over the years to just add a bit of oomph when I'm feeling bored. The colour pay off is good - and there is little to no fall with the shimmery shades. With a primer these lasted all day/night so for the money I paid (I think I paid between £5-£8) it was definitely beneficial to my pocket.

Obviously this came out at Christmas time and most brands bring out a little palette like this for stocking fillers and what not. 

The second palette, the No7 Define and Shimmer palette was my love. Oh god, these colours are gorgeous and all four suit my eyes/skin tone perfectly - I completely lucked out with these shades. The only thing is that there is product fall out - but I usually do my eyes first, then my face make up so I don't make a complete mess and end up with glitter face. These are also super pigmented so a little goes a long way. You can pick these up from ebay and amazon still if you like the look of the colours. 

So that's it for these palettes. I do have my eye on this one to replace them but I'm still open so if you have any suggestions let me know!

What's your favourite colour palette?


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