Monday, 8 July 2013

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Happy Monday Lovelies!

You know what - last week was completely uninspiring. It was a 'meh' week. Shall we change it around with some bright pretty things?

I've mentioned it briefly in my posts over the last week but it does look 99.9% positive that Josh and I will be able to venture away for ten days in the summer next year and that has me jealous of all of y'all that are jet-setting away now. To keep me inspired, and you too - take a look at some of these rather eye pleasing goodies...

My two favourites have to be the Boots 'Hello World' beauty bag - so colourful and just dying to be taken away on holiday, right? I'm tired of leather pouches which are undeniably chic (especially in winter,) but will invariably get ruined on a beach. Just sayin'.

Second is the gorgeous towel/cover up/throw from selfridges. It's pricey but the colour choices have me salivating and thinking how cool they'd be at home or away (towel on the beach bed, shawl for evening barbecues at home... oh goodness!)

Anyway, I'm off but have you found any holiday/travel pieces you're dying to get hold of?


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