Saturday, 6 July 2013

instagram #19 - This Week

 barbecue time! // Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream treats.
 Wanda roaming the bookcase. // Homemade soup, you tube and work. 
Old Farts Bitter. // Essential listening.

From my instagram (thebirdsong00) and Josh's. :)

Well this week I started physio - let me just say I have never been more humiliated. I'll leave it at that and add that I hope the exercises work! 

This week has been pretty uninspiring however we did have a huge barbecue with the builders and my sister, brother in law and my nephew managed to come up (my sister was working so came up on her lunch break,) so it was nice to just sit down (with a cushion for support,) and munch away in the sun. I did get squares of sunburn on my thighs though, that cannot be explained. 

My favourite posts from this week has to be from Nouvelle Daily with their mouse mat DIY - so simple, but effective to add a bit of fun to your desk. Following up with that is their In Flight Checklist - I'm going away next year (eager much?) and I've bookmarked and jotted down for future reference. 

So how was your week? Hopefully more inspiring that mine?


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