Friday, 9 August 2013

Botanics Super Balm

I have many a pot and tubes claiming to provide deep nourishment whilst also soothing and providing a big old jolt of moisture to boot. Body moisturisers providing this checklist are surprisingly easy to come by for me - I'm particularly fond of the E45 range (the red tube for very dry skin,) and the Nivea almond oil range (which now includes the in shower body conditioner,) but I hadn't found the 'one' for particularly dry areas, like elbows, knees - a good all rounder.

Some did a good job with moisturising whilst some did good at soothing the skin (I have sensitive skin that is prone to eczema,) and some didn't seem to have any benefit what so ever...

Enter the Botanics 'Super' Balm; it's an all in one type of product - one of my favourite kinds, as you can use these types of products on the aforementioned dry areas, for nail cuticles, hands, lips and any other type of dry area (obviously that isn't open and broken,) and this particular one has a pleasingly simple scent. 

I find sometimes with the Botanics range (especially of the rose variety,) that the smell is so potent it flares up my redness, but this one is perfectly fine on that front too. It contains shea butter, sweet almond and argan oil which is obviously great on dry, dehydrated patches. It also contains the old favourite - rosehip, for some nourishment to help keep things supple and smooth. 

Bottom line then, would I recommend this? Yes, especially to fellow dry/sensitive skinned gals - and I will definitely be re-purchasing when mine runs out (it may be a dinky tub but it does last a long old time, I've had mine for two months now). It's a great product to keep beside your bedside for injecting last minute moisture and nourishment. 

Do you have a favourite 'super' balm?


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