Saturday, 24 August 2013

instagram #25 | This Week

When men take longer to get ready. // Need some frames for these prints.
 Trying out some Rock n Roll. // The dream team.
Throwback Thursday, when we had matching hair. Potential album cover though? // Pooches.

I've had a pretty fun time this week testing and trying out new products and it's reminded me why I love blogging in the first place. From the first test, to taking the photos and then obviously writing the posts. I adore it. I think I've been losing my 'mojo' since my back has been bad but I'd hate to lose this output that is my blog - I'd probably go insane.

Posts this week that I've enjoyed; this post from Nouvelle Daily about finishing powders has piqued my interest. I tend to hate them as most of them make my dry skin look cakey - but I am currently enamored with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders... Diffused Light is definitely on the wishlist...

One of my favourite blog/websites has to be Apartment Therapy and this week I've just been scouring through their pages going googly eyed at the images...

So that's it from me this week but have an amazing weekend!


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