Friday, 23 August 2013

Face Masks | The Ol' Triple Threat...

I've mentioned before the benefits my skin feels when using two face masks in my weekly routine, but for the longest time now I've been using three masks - usually coined as the 'Triple Threat.' 

First up I use a renewing/resurfacing (however you want to name it,) mask and currently my favourite is the Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Peel and Reveal Mask. It comes with a little spatula of sorts to help get the product out because it is runny (and sticky, so best apply this in the bathroom) until slapped all over the face and your left looking like a pinky-red loon for about ten minutes. What needs to be noted is this stuff stinks, like chemically sweet stinks so if you have sensitive skin - I'd possibly ask for a little tester pot at your counter first. 

While I have sensitive skin, this doesn't make me go red or anything of the sort. What I do feel once you get to the mildly satisfying point of peeling the mask off, is a visible cleaner look, plus skin is soft to the touch. 

Next comes the purifying mask in the form of Super Facialist/Una Brennan Tea Flower Deep Clean/Pore Purifying Clay Mask - this is heavenly. It smells gorgeous and after ten minutes of use once washed off with tepid water (I always go for a muslin/flannel to get masks off) my skin feels much more refined and a hell of a lot more cleaner. 

Lastly is a product that I adore and I have mentioned before but it is the Super Facialist/Una Brennan Rose Intense Moisture Mask. This needs to go on in a thick layer for five minutes on dry skin and then washed off - this crucial last step it packs a punch of moisture and just helps to re-hydrate my skin after all the purifying, peeling and deep cleaning business. My skin feels way better for it. Plus the rose aspect helps keep redness at bay.

So that's my triple threat - so tell me what's yours!


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