Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Real Techniques Mini-Haul

I love Real Techniques brushes and not just because I adore the Pixiwoo sisters (their tutorial videos are always on top of my watch list on YouTube,) but because they really are great brushes at a great price point.  

iHerb is a website I have used before to pick up my other Real Techniques brushes - for an even better price so I used it again and saved some money and if you're in the market for some new brushes, replacing old ones - you can save some money too.

If you spend over $40 on your first order you can get $10 off your order using the code; MPL147. If you spend under $40 you can still get $5 off with the same code. I chose the cheapest shipping option and these came to me (as before) in two weeks. 

I picked up the shading brush - I don't have this particular kind of brush so picked that up as a kind of necessary purchase but the main reason for shopping was for the Duo Fiber Collection, limited edition. I'm a sucker for a limited edition in products that I love so it was a no brainer, plus I loved the look of the brushes (if there wasn't room for them in my collection, I wouldn't have bought them - simple as,) and iHerb also include little gifts - mine a little compact mirror which are always handy.

These brushes so far, I may add I haven't had them long so shan't do a full review - I adore them. I know that the eye brush has got a lot of hate - but I love it as much as the other two. I think maybe because it isn't as soft as the other two that people don't like it? I'm not sure - but I've enjoyed using this as a crease brush and it's working beautifully. The contour brush is perfect for highlighters (powder and cream,) and the face brush is great for bronzer. It's pretty obvious but the single brush I bought is great at doing it's job too; shading and defining. 

Have you picked up this collection yet? Do you love it or hate it?


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