Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Feet Treats

It's always noted in blogs and magazines during the run up to summer the importance of keeping your feet all scrubbed, soft and pedicured ready for sandals, flip flops and flats - but for me this process is a year long endeavor not simply to be ignored during winter when my paws are all tucked up in thick knit socks and boots. I know a lot of people hate even the mention of feet; if this isn't your style, I won't be offended - you don't have to read!

My essential kit for keeping feet soft as they can possibly be? A really good exfoliator first - either a pumice stone, file or some sort of mechanical contraption; all do the job and I suppose it really depends on how much arm movement you're willing to exert. ;)

Following this I usually go for a good scrub (more than likely in the shower) - it really doesn't matter if you use your usual body scrub for this - this particular foot scrub smells quite menthol/minty so it would be good for people with perhaps slightly whiffy feet? It's also still creamy whilst exfoliating so it will help with keeping feet nice and soft. 

There can be nothing better than slathering on a luxurious feeling moisturiser on your feet then popping some socks on before bed - you wake up with the most amazingly soft feet and this particular foot cream feels very creamy, not quite a 'butter' and I love the glass jar... It's not entirely practical but the aesthetic is nice. It also contains marshmallow, lavender and mint - so it smells delicious.

All that's required afterwards? Deciding what colour to go on your nails!


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