Saturday, 14 September 2013

instagram #28 | This Week

#tbt New Years 2012. // Chicken, leek & bacon pie - recipe tomorrow!
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This week has been considerably hectic and I had to wait for my new Nexus 7 to arrive; therefore instagram took a backseat (as did many other things,) this week. I can see the next couple of weeks going the same way however there are a few bright spots in terms of new blogs and youtube videos that have helped inspire, entertain and keep me cheerful when things have gone a bit rough.

Lisa Eldrige's PMS face video was full to the brim of tips if you're suffering on the ever lovely (sarcasm, can you tell?) monthly woes... It's the kind of video you'd want to show to a younger sister/niece/family member or friend so they are well equipped for the future!

It can be pretty hard to keep your weight and health in general in check; with so many magazines, TV shows and websites saying what's good, what's not and what kind of exercising you should be doing. Nouvelle Daily's health and fitness features have been mighty helpful - especially this feel fuller for longer post

Here's to hoping the weekend is slightly less hectic but equally just as productive... I'm not asking for much, am I?


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