Saturday, 28 September 2013

instagram #30 | This Week

 Gotta love a Monday morning delivery! // Doggie cuddles.
Is it bedtime yet? // Absolutely addicted to this stuff! 

I've had a bit more of a stress-free week and for that I'm  pretty darn thankful. Today is pretty exciting however as my aunt and uncle are down from the Surrey area visiting for a day or two and it's quite a rare occurrence to see them. I've also started my course - well, I've started activities that I'm supposed to start on the 5th - BUT I am way too excited to wait. Excitement all around - for a nice change! 

My favourite blog posts from the week have to be from Anna and her best picks from the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual - I may be lurking over amazon right now with a plan to bookmark those pages! I also loved Nouvelle Daily's recipe for Veggie Skewers. Yum.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!


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