Thursday, 26 September 2013

John Frieda | Luxurious Volume

I mentioned before that I like to swap and change my hair care depending on what it needs, pretty much like my skincare. I colour my hair, so most of the time I use products targeted at keeping my colour looking its best. However since I have fine hair;(but lots of it,) I also 'suffer' from hair getting weighed down and looking flat - not exactly what anyone wants, am I right? I loved the Pantene Aqua Light range for keeping hair light, but for extra volume I needed something a little extra. I was kindly asked whether I'd take a look at the John Frieda Luxurious Volume range*, and since I've used their Brilliant Brunette range (before I dyed my hair,) and Foam Hair Dye before I thought I would give it a go as I enjoyed using both ranges so much.

I'm always a little dubious with hair care (and skin care,) promising the world, I think everyone is a little cynical these days and watching exactly where the pennies go which is completely understandable. I actually started testing these products whilst the humidity came in (over September and October in Devon it can get really humid and gross,) so it was even better to see if the volume held its place and provided what my hair needed.

The Touchably Full Shampoo and Conditioner used just on their own proved to be a god send, both with blow drying (of course using a heat protection too,) my hair afterwards and with letting it air-dry (my preferred method,) and provided a much needed boost all over, not just mid lengths. Both shampoo and conditioner smell fresh and feel lightweight in the hair, which added to give me the extra volume I wanted - and of course it seems obvious mentioning it, but it does leave hair squeaky clean. Score.

Next up I tried the Fine to Full Blow Out Spray, which is meant for all over volume. Applied to towel dried hair and sprayed from root to tip and then blow dried as usual - this does give a nice boost of all over volume much like the shampoo and conditioner, without making hair feel product heavy. I quite liked using this when my hair was generally misbehaving and flat all over and paired with the shampoo and conditioner worked a treat.

My favourite of the bunch however is the Blow-Dry Lotion Root Booster - as mentioned I have fine hair but lots of so whilst my mid lengths down can be full, the crown of my hair can lie flat - which is the most common occurrence for me. Used in a similar way as the Blow Out Spray, except just focusing on the roots this time - once blow dried I noticed a huge difference in the volume - but I did add a few cheeky extra sprays before my hair was completely dry. Big hair be mine!

My verdict then? I really enjoyed using this range, in particular the shampoo, conditioner and root booster - and I'll definitely be purchasing the dry shampoo which I heard is amazing too. It's worth noting that these come in mini sizes so you can try small before you buy the full size and they'd come in handy for travel too. You can pick up this range from Boots and Superdrug, so keep an eye out for the usual offers! It's also worth mentioning that John Frieda has a YouTube channel, where you can see the products being used and get helpful tips too. 

Have you tried the John Frieda Luxurious Range before? 


*PR sample. To see my full disclaimer, you can see it here

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