Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Latest in Beauty Box | New Mums Pampering Discovery Box

Full disclaimer right here; I am not pregnant. I thought I'd just get that out of the way before I begin this little mini-review of sorts because what I am 'reviewing' is for new mums - whether it be first time, third or sixth time (power to you, ladies,) it's always nice to give someone time - time for a pamper in this case, but don't forget the other time saving gifts you can give to a new mum - home made dinners that can be frozen, an offer to clean, if they have a dog, offer to take he/she out for a long walk... the list is endless, but while you're sat there pondering (and maybe you're not a new mum, like myself, maybe you just need some down time...) here's a stunning little beauty box for all your pampering needs...

Contents of the box; Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips (3ml) - Kenneth Turner London 'Original' Candle (70g) - Balance Me Radiance Face Oil (10ml) - Inika Liquid Mineral Foundation (6ml) - Teapigs Lemon & Ginger (1 Teabag) - Trilogy Rose Hip Oil Antioxidant+ (2.5ml) - Amie Cooling Clay Mask (10ml) - Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (40ml) - Yardley London Hand Cream (100ml) - Balm Balm Rose Geranium Lip Balm (7ml) - Jo Hansford Intensive Hair Masque (40ml) - Bellapierre Mineral Make-up (2.35g) - Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine (1.5g). There are also discounts from the brands themselves - but disappointingly these ran out the day after I received the box, so if you wanted to take advantage of the discounts, without having tried any of the products - you'd have to do so in blind faith - which is my only niggle, they could of extended these a little longer.

Despite that niggle however the products inside are well worth the £19.99 you pay - a lot of these I haven't tried yet and the reason why I bought this box in the first place (Trilogy, Philip Kingsley - I'm looking at you,) but there is a range of products suitable for all. I quite like they included a few make up bits - it could of been all to easy just to do bath/body/skincare - plus the pigment I received is a beautiful golden bronze shade that I really cannot wait to use. All in all I'd definitely recommend this box if you're looking to pamper yourself, a friend or wife - whether she's a new mum or just having a stressful time at the moment - guaranteed she'll love what's in this box. 

Have you tried out any Latest in Beauty Boxes yet?


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