Monday, 23 September 2013

The Autumn Tag

There is something amazing about autumn and it's most easily my favourite season. The nights get cooler and darker (a god send for my pale self,) meaning that blanket evenings are entirely acceptable and not frowned upon, especially if it involves new seasons of T.V shows - Walking Dead, I'm-a-lookin' at you! I saw this tag created by the lovely Georgina and thought I'd share what I love about autumn...

For Autumn, what is your...

1.  Favourite thing about it?  I prefer autumn/winter trends as opposed to spring/summer - I'm a huge fan of light layers during the colder months. I also quite enjoy 'blanket days' with Josh. The fact my birthday and Christmas is just around the corner helps too.  

2.  Favourite drink?  Oh crumbs, well if I am out and about a cheeky caramel latte or a hot chocolate. Otherwise I'll just stick the the usual green teas and I also really love a tea from Morrisons called 'Vanilla Hush' - sends you right to sleep. I also quite enjoy whisky and rum, but that is a year round deal...

3.  Favourite scent/candle?  For autumn, vanilla. I'm not a huge fan of overly spiced scents. Plus vanilla works year round. I also have an orange scented candle, which sounds weird for autumn time - but I adore it and use sparingly.

4.  Best lipstick?  I really crack out the red/berry lips for autumn, how original... the Revlon Just Bitten range has two that I adore, Crush and Romantic. They stay put and moisturise decently. 

5.  Go to moisturiser?  Balance Me Moisture Rich, La Roche Posay Hydreane Riche for day time and I adore facial oils (Trilogy, Balance Me) and the Organic Surge Overnight Sensation for night time. 

6.  Go to colours for the eyes?  Plummy reds are pretty hot right now, and I'm using the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold (layered with other shadows) to create a different kind of smokey eye that I'm used to but it looks gorgeous! - I generally go for coppery/bronze/golds if I'm going out on the town. I keep it neutral for day time as that's when I tend to rock a bold lip.

7.  Favourite music or band/singer to listen to? I listen to all sorts all the time... I'm particularly fond of Delilah, Blue Foundation, Lana Del Ray, Jay Z, The Rolling Stones... pretty varied and it doesn't change during seasons.

8.  Favourite outfit to wear (i.e. boots & a scarf combo)? Skinny jeans, ankle boots (heeled as I'm a shorty) a light tee or vest, a light knit jumper and if it's super cold, one of my favourite scarves from Spain. I very rarely crack out coats because I hate being too hot. Instead I rely on light jackets - normally with a hood, I can't stand umbrellas and it rains in Devon a lot.

9.  Autumn treat?  I've already begun re-stocking my wardrobe - but I'll be picking up a new bag - only because the one I have now is looking worse for wear though. I usually go on a spending ban during this time of year because of Christmas and I'm also going to Spain next year so I'm saving up for my spending money at the moment!

10.  Favourite place to be?  Either at our local having an amazing meal with a few drinks or at home keeping dry and warm. Although I do adore taking crisp morning walks with the dogs in the mornings! It's beautiful on Dartmoor in autumn.

So that's some of my favourite things to do or wear etc in autumn - I tag anyone and everyone in this. If you don't have a blog - feel free to respond in the comments below! You can see Georgina's original post here.


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