Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Brow Drama

I love my brows. A bit of a weird admission, I know - but they are full (read; big) and have a good shape to them and whilst the hair there seems to grow at a ridiculous pace, they aren't bad as far as brows go. Along with making sure my base, lashes and lips are sorted when I get ready to go out, my brows are equally important.

I've used pencils for filling in major gaps before (over plucking in early teens, hello!) and occasionally powders - but my top picks are brow gels. I've been using clear brow gels for an age - Collection and MUA do nice and cheap clear gels - but until recently I couldn't find any tinted brow gels in the drug store /high street(apart from online from E.L.F - but my shade was always sold out,) until now anyway - a recent release from Maybelline has answered my brow related prayers...

The Maybelline Brow Drama (sculpting brow mascara - mouthful right?) aims to act like a gel to hold rogue brow hairs in place and tint so brows look fuller in sparser areas negating the need for a powder or pencil. 

For me, it works beautifully and holds all day - but I don't have any large sparse areas, say if you had a scar and hairs don't grow in that particular area - so you'd still probably need a pencil for that - but the dark brown shade is nice and cool toned so doesn't come off reddy or orange (I may dye my hair copper/red but my eyebrows are black/brown,) - and I think the colour would work for black haired ladies too. They have two other colours in the range - a deep blonde and a medium brown. It would obviously pay to swatch in store on your hand. Of course the medium brown may work red haired ladies, so it's worth taking a look. 

All in all - I'm pleased with this purchase. It costs £4.99 at Boots - but it seems to be selling pretty quickly and going out of stock, so it may be worth popping in store to buy. 

Have you tried the Maybelline Brow Drama Mascara? Do you have any brow gel recommendations?


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