Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Current Skincare Saviors

You may be able to tell through a lack of posts and also the fact in my last few posts I've been complaining about having a cold/flu/bug - but more than me not wanting to stare at a screen for more than five minutes, I also had the usual dry skin/random spots combination that tends to come with a bug. However this time around I felt prepared due to these trio of skincare delights...

First up is the Balance Me Radiance Face Oil which came with a Latest in Beauty box not too long ago. Usually I strictly apply oils of an evening but as I haven't gone out or needed to wear make up I've been mixing this oil with my serum just to give an added boost of hydration throughout the day but I also like mixing this with my night cream of an evening. I tend to find mixing it with another product helps it sink in that little bit more so I'm not left with a super tacky face. 

Should the oil not cut it, I've been slathering on the Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask which is always a treat (mainly due to the fact it smells like a fruit smoothie on my face,) but using this every other night has ensured there have been no dry patches.

I tend to break out towards the end of a cold, it might be that my fingers have touched my face one too many times or just a coincidence; but either way spots happen at the end of a bug for me. Enter the Origins Super Spot Remover, applied on with a q-tip and then topped up every four hours or so this reduces the redness in spots like a dream and seems to heal a lot quicker too. 

So that's my little trio of skincare saviors, what are yours?


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