Saturday, 12 October 2013

This Week #32

A new cage that Wanda cannot chew through // Absolutely loving this stuff!

I've been a bit absent from the blog and instagram this week, not my usually organized self. I haven't been feeling top dollar and my uni work has to come first - so a little heads up that my posting maybe sporadic throughout the coming months.

This week has been busy, I've had a physio appointment and as mentioned lots of uni work to do. I've also had news that my M.R.I scan is actually on Monday - so there is that as well. Has anyone else had that scan? I'm worried I'll be going in because of my back and I'll come out with another issue, haha.

I've also got tonnes of blogs to catch up on - but I'm pleased to see Meg is back and blogging - hurrah! Lips So Facto is my favourite blog, so it's nice to see it back in business.

Here's hoping you have an amazing weekend - mine will be filled with study. 


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