Thursday, 14 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide | For the Little Folk...

A small little guide today, mainly for the little folk in your lives. It can be a pain buying for someone's kid - obviously it's a bit easier buying for your own (doubtless you've got someone tugging at your jeans right now asking for a PS4, am I right?) but in case you're running out of ideas - here are four reasonably fail-safe gifts for kids...
Silver Cross Classic Wooden Push Along, £65: A bit on the pricey side so possibly best for family members or really good friends, this push along is perfect for toddlers with it's sturdy wooden frame and cute blocks that come with it. Because it is wooden, you know it's going to last for ever - unless the child is pretty darn boisterous. Also available here.

Cellular Pram Blanket - Pack of 2, £15: Bit of an odd one, I know, but if you know someone who is pregnant or just had a little one this would be the perfect gift. Cellular blankets are pretty much the bees knees (remembering from past experience with my nieces and nephews,) because they keep your little one snug, but they are still breathable. There also a few different variations (colours, and some for cots/cot beds,) here.

Colour My World Globe, £25: Great for kids of a young learning age, this globe comes with six erasable markers for colouring and twelve different animal stickers; great for learning about the world and animals and their natural habitats too. 

Monopoly Board Game & Travel Set, £18.99: I'm sorry but how could I not include Monopoly? Does anyone else remember getting so frickin' excited when they got a new board game when they were little? This is great because it's suitable for all ages, great 'wholesome' family fun (until someone tries to steal from the Banker, or arguments ensue about who gets the dog...) plus it also comes with a travel version too. Particularly awesome if you know a family with travels planned.

So just a few little gifts here that might come in useful if you're struggling for ideas for little ones, or just a few ideas for your own brood too.

Tomorrow, for the more animal loving among us - a small cheeky guide for pets... 


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