Friday, 15 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide | For Pets

Okay, okay. You might not be an animal lover. You may have a whole pack of dogs. Either way, I think it's always nice to show a little appreciation to our furry friends (my hamster included,) on Christmas too. It could be just a little bag of treats, or if you're feeling a little more creative...
Purplebone Check Bow Tie Dog Collar, £24.99-£28.99: I have wanted one of these for so long for my dog Scruffs (we didn't name him, FYI,) as I think he'd look very charming indeed. They even have a floral one for your lady pooches. 

Barbour Wax Cotton Dog Coat, £39.95: I'll be picking up a new wax coat for both my dogs - this Barbour one is a classic for any dog, will keep them warm and dry (for the most part,) and will last for ages too.

Garden Trading Pet Food Storage Container, £28-£40: Instead of having Bakers and Wagg boxes/bags flapping around, why not pick up this container? It comes in two sizes, so perfect if you have a smaller or larger dog and just looks good. No two ways about it. 

Purplebone Cotton Rope Lead, £18.99-£23.99: I much prefer rope leads because they feel a lot more durable and comfortable in the hand. It also looks pretty swish too, these also come in different lengths depending once again on the size of your dog (and how much you want them to roam.)

Mungo & Maud Stitch Bone Dog Bowl, Pink, £55: For the truly pampered pooch - invest in a great food bowl that'll stand the test of time and look nice too. This also comes in a grey/brown colour with a design of a stick, sweet, and a bit more flattering for your male pups...

Mungo & Maud Stitch Fish Cat Bowl, Yellow, £35: On the smaller side, so a little cheaper - but once again for the spoiled cat in your life, treat them to a pretty cool bowl that'll last.

Mungo & Maud Lucky Charm Cat Collar, £47.50: With a mixture of charms all around this collar, it's a pretty little piece for your cat. This also comes in a rosy/white shade too. So cute! If only my cat wasn't so evil so I could actually put something like this on him...

Mungo & Maud Knitted Mouse Cat Toy, £10.50: Have you ever seen a cat with catnip? No, buy this toy immediately! If you have, still buy it and have a laugh. If your cat is anything like mine, he can get worked up from a mere shoelace - but as it's Christmas, why not give him a quality toy filled with catnip? And keep your camera out, you might need to film it happening...

So that is it for the Christmas Gift Guides this week! I absolutely adore shopping for Christmas so I've more than enjoyed putting together these little guides - I hope you can feel a little inspired from them, especially if you're not keen on Christmas shopping.

Posts will resume as normal tomorrow - but let me know, what are you buying your nearest and dearest this year?


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