Friday, 6 December 2013

Affordable Makeup Storage

It seems every beauty blogger waxes lyrical about the Muji clear acrylic storage - you can understand of course, it's minimal and easy to spot what product you want to use, but when you start tallying up the cost it can get a little pricey...
I'm not a huge fan of having all my makeup bumf out on display - I like the basics I use everyday (top picture,) out and ready to go at a moments notice - and I do like having a small variety of lip products (probably the beauty product I change up every day,) ready to throw in my handbag - but I didn't want some plastic to cost the earth. Enter, eBay...

In the above picture, you can see this storage has two wider sections which is where I store my foundations, primers and smaller boxes (powders, smaller eye/brow palettes,) and then nine smaller sections which are perfect for lipsticks that I cherish, eyeliners I can't go a day without and mascaras that are Holy Grail status. You can pick up this little gem for under £5. 

The second is a 24 section lipstick storage - perfect for keeping a selection of lipsticks near by so you don't have to burrow through drawers or bags to find them. I picked this up from here, for under £3.

It is worth noting of course, these ship from China. Being based in the UK - these can take anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks to arrive, but p&p is either so cheap or free I think it's definitely worth the wait. 

Next on my list? I'm in need of a small acrylic tray for skincare... any ideas? What's your favourite storage solutions?


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