Tuesday, 31 December 2013

December Favourites

Tis that time of the month again and for a very nice change I haven't had to think to hard about what I've been using and loving throughout this month; these beauties have been such a constant throughout December that it'd be impossible for me to forget them...

I picked up the Origins Make a Difference + Treatment Lotion in a sample size to make sure it wouldn't have any adverse affects on my (sensitive) skin and I've fallen so deeply in love with it that I've already made a purchase for the full size. It's highly refreshing to use and leaves skin feeling hydrated, prepped and ready for the next step in my routine, which leads me on to...

Hydraluron. Hyped up serum of forever. I'd made this purchase as a birthday treat with some Boots vouchers and I've got to say; I've fallen for the hype. I'm in love. It just makes everything so much more hydrated and plumper looking and generally just really great for my skin. Love it.

I loved all of Essie's Winter 2013 collection, but the polish I've been rocking the most is the namesake for the collection 'Shearling Darling,' which is the most seasonally appropriate polish, ever. Deep wine, oxblood, blackened plum. It's just a beautiful colour for winter and looks intensely beautiful on the nails - lasts like a dream too.

The No7 eye shadows have always been a firm favourite of mine and they are often overlooked by the beauty blogging world. A new acquisition of mine is in the shade 'Sheer Brown' which tends to lean more on the taupe side and is the most beautiful shimmer ever. I've been wearing this baby everyday pretty much. 

Last but not least; this gingerbread candle from Wax Lyrical was picked up on a whim on a Tesco online purchase and even though I tend not to buy candles without giving them a whiff; I'm so pleased I picked this one up. It smells amazing; like gingerbread and a little bit like carrot cake (my favourite type of cake, as it happens,) and leaves the room smelling so gorgeous like you've been baking all day. Heavenly.

What were your December favourites?


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