Monday, 9 December 2013

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Bag // Blouse // Lipstick // Blanket // Cleanser // Basket

Happy Monday Lovelies!

The weekend is over, my birthday was a fairly relaxed affair and included a delicious strawberry and cream tart (seriously, it tasted like shortcake amazingness,) with that being said there is a lot to do over the coming week - namely getting everything tidy again and ready for the onslaught of visitors over the Christmas period. 

There is one downside to Christmas shopping, particularly online - that is all the new releases of gift boxes and other such lovely items various stores have to offer. I've had my eye on 'moss knit' blanket from H&M for a while but have only just noticed the yellow version. Needless to say I'm in love and even though I don't particularly need another blanket, it doesn't stop me from coveting from afar. The storage items from H&M always tick boxes with me and the polka dot round basket is just calling my name and dying to be filled with various items. 

Right now? On with cleaning. Ever glamorous life, right?

Here's to an amazing week!


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