Wednesday, 29 January 2014

January | Notes

Another month ends and so another ramble begins; if you're not fond of these types of posts, I won't be insulted and normal service will resume tomorrow.
I kind of hate January, don't you? It feels like a weird limbo after new years when everyone's either hungover or bright-eyed vowing to do this and that. After that you're stuck back in at work, college, school, or your new resolutions until February when everyone starts to lighten up a bit, and the weather sometimes gets a little better.

Although last year we barely got a spring. Bounced from winter straight to summer. Can you remember that?

I for one have struggled to get back into uni work, not because it was after the holiday period but because of the new project I had to start. That's finished and so I'm already onto the next thing. I'm hoping to pull off a higher score than 82 (literally in a competition with myself a-la Monica from Friends style.)

I'm also on a mild spending ban - although I have given in a few times, but I'm still working on it. I'm not setting myself a time scale, but ideally to live more frugally for 2014 would be a good goal, right? I'm making sure I use up products to the very end (even if it means attacking a tube with a pair of scissors,) and I'm refusing to buy anymore of something if I already have a variation of that in my stocks; which can be annoying come new releases. But I'll deal. 

Another item ticked off the agenda was having a huge clean out. I got rid of lots of things from books (either traded into Amazon or given to charity) and many clothing pieces that were no longer suitable. It feels good to have a purge, that's what January is for, right?


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