Saturday, 18 January 2014

This Week | instagram #45

 NARSissist palette, come to mama! // Awesome duo for evenings.
Moody #FOTD // Always repurchased!

What an amazing week for beauty, right? First of all the Revlon Matte Balms are now in Boots (and soon Superdrug,) and I've ordered my first one - so far, it's love and I'll be going back for more. The NARSissist palettes are also now available online, I think it was the quickest ordering I've ever done. Seriously.

I've also got a lot done for uni work too; I've realised that the week I go away in April is the week I have another TMA to do, so I'm hauling my ass into gear to get ahead of myself again. I can't believe I've only got four more months left of this course, it's gone so quickly!

This weekend will mostly be cleaning related (always boring,) again and more work for uni; but how does the saying go? No rest for the wicked...

Here's to an amazing weekend!


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