Saturday, 15 February 2014

This Week | instagram #49

Little hamster widge! // Nearly getting organized. // Hail, thunder & lightning. // Impatient face. // Staying in bed, way too ill to function. // Imploded fence.

Happy Weekend, Lovelies!
Thank god it's the weekend, that's all I can say. First of all - apologies for such a late post - I had to rush off to the station to drop off the Mr, but we also had about twenty slates that came off the roof during the latest storm, so I had to search around for various details for the mother. 

As you can tell from a few photos above - we've actually been okay. Yes, we've lost some slates and our roof will need repairing, and yes, the fence imploded due to the sheer force of the wind. So far we've only lost one hour of power - that is good going considering other places in the UK are still without. So on that note - I hope you're all safe. 

I've also not been feeling at my best - I remained in bed for the majority of yesterday after taking a variety of flu medication and it seems to have done the trick. It was horrible though and fingers crossed it doesn't come creeping back.

I know I'll be spending the majority of my weekend inside, catching up on cleaning and generally trying not to have to venture outside unnecessarily - although I still have to pick the Mr up from the station again in the early hours. Eurgh.

Here's to an amazing, but safe, weekend.


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