Thursday, 6 February 2014

Top Three for Brows

I want to know when I became so brow obsessed. I can't even blame the beloved Cara Delevingne because this love affair happened before she hit the scene. That being said - I have three of my favourite products - all a little different, that keep my brows under control but still pretty damn awesome.
The Maybelline Brow Drama 'Sculpting Brow Mascara' had been a long love of mine, ever since it was released to UK shores. It's amazing I've had it for this long and it still hasn't gone 'gunky' like most 'gel-based' brow products tend to do. It doesn't feel like a typical brow gel though, it feels like it says, a mascara so you get hold (if you are born with the were-girl gene like me,) a nice tint of colour and an overall natural look. I use this everyday - especially when I can't be bothered with anything else.

The HD Brows Eye & Brown Palette probably needs no introduction. The colours are buttery soft, crazy pigmented yet do not budge. At all. It's pretty much a doddle to get crazy beautiful brows with this palette and it's handy for travel too, since you can use it as a neutral quad. Although it doesn't budge, I found it easy to remove with an oil pre-cleanse, so you get no irritation around the eyes either.

Last but not least, a pencil. The L'Oreal Brow Artist Super Liner has to be one of my best finds (for a pencil,) because it's the right colour (no dodgy red-brown brows as is standard with drug store brow pencils!) it's got a harder tip than most, but it's still pigmented and it means you can create really natural looking brows with this and once again - it lasts. It's also quite good because it has wax on the other side of the pencil - so a bargain two in one kind of deal. 

So those are my top three - what are yours?

Also - my giveaway is now closed! The lucky winner was Kelly M and has been contacted via email & Twitter - so congratulations Kelly!


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