Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Origins Plantscription Concealer

Something awful happened; I ran out of my beloved Collection Illuminating Concealer pen. Now whilst this really is a tragedy that is easily remedied by nipping into Boots or Superdrug, even my local Morrisons, I happened to be out shopping in the city closest to me and that can only mean one thing. Beauty counters.

There was only one choice really and armed with 10% off for that day, there was no question of whether a purchase should be made. It was a case of what purchase and it was remarkably simple; the Origins Plantscription Concealer. Aimed at catering anti-aging (fine lines, wrinkles, standard fare...) this concealer (shade light,) is essentially a concealer and corrector in one, which makes it perfect for the under eye area. The colour initially scared me, it seemed too dark for my fair complexion but I stuck with it, and I'm pleased to say, it's love.

It's creamy, but stands up to the test of time - I didn't need to top up at all during the day. That being said it didn't become dry either or cake up in fine lines (worst feeling/look ever.) Because of that slightly darker peachy undertone it covers dark circles in a pinch and the best factor is that it brightens... like. I can't even. I tested this out first in store so the fluorescent lighting didn't do it justice, as soon as I got outside it just looked so beautiful. It had to be mine.

This has literally become one of those go-to products for my under eyes, although because of that glow-factor I won't be using this on blemishes (no one needs to bring any attention to spots, right?) 


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