Monday, 10 March 2014

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Top // Sunglasses // Box // Cushion // Facial Roller // Primer.

Happy Monday, Lovelies!
Despite putting myself on a little break last week I am still completely drained - I know health reasons are a main contributing factor to that and I'll be venturing to the doctors soon for another check up but seriously... work in February killed my energy.

That being said this week looks to be one of my busiest, I'll be trying to get a bulk of my uni work done before I jet off in April so it's all hands to deck to get it done.

I'm also making copious amounts of lists of what to take (clothes wise is especially hard. Spain in April can either be glorious or it can turn bad pretty quickly...) on my adventure, and the list geek in me loves it. What better lists are there, really? Holiday lists. 

Here's to an amazing, yet (hopefully,) productive week!


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