Monday, 17 March 2014

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Happy Monday, lovelies!
I've had quite a lot to ponder this week after a trip to the doctors, mainly about the future and what's in store - my back is still pretty much stagnant and I think it's a case of pain management now... which is hard to figure out. Hence the pondering and so far I have come to a conclusion, but until it happens I'm keeping (mostly,) quiet about it.

That being said, I didn't mean to start a Monday on a downer of any sort, in fact I am feeling quite positive. There are a few things helping of course - I recently went on a stationary splurge and picked up the Moleskine Pastel cahier journals... seriously, how gorgeous are they? Very spring and just waiting to be filled.

Another item I've been eyeing considerably is the jumper from H&M - I love their clothes for basics (even if delivery takes a week... it's worth it,) but they have a pretty lush range of sweaters in at the moment too. 

So here's to a hopefully amazing week ahead,


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