Sunday, 4 May 2014

Life Lately #2

I haven't done a monthly notes post or a general chatty update for a while, since there's nothing like the present and I actually have the use of my laptop for once - I figured I should share some of what's been afoot...

For the first part of April, I was in Spain. Albir to be exact, but these are Josh's photos from Altea, the next town over. It was beautiful weather all week and we had some pretty amazing walks plus ridiculously amazing food... I mentioned briefly on Monday, but we're already planning (flights are booked!) a two week stint in September before uni starts up again for Josh's last year...

I'm going to sound like a crazy dog/hamster lady but being away for a week from my furry little companions was hard! Josh's mum has kindly agreed to look after them in September and I feel guilty for leaving behind (They've always had either me or my mum and dad with them... this is a big family holiday in September,) but I know they'll be looked after amazingly well. 

For the first week back in England it was actually sunny, like hot 'get out your shorts' kind of weather. It was greatly appreciated but I put off a lot of work (although I did create this snazzy cacti/succulents planter...) because of it, getting the sun whilst I still could. Vitamin D and all that.

Which means for the next week or so (potentially two... I'm hoping for just a week though...) I'll be up to my eyeballs in final essays, creating portfolios and other such work. Now, for the crappy kind of news and a small rant...

I won't be able to carry on with my Open Uni work for a while; it's a financial matter so I won't go into too much - but can I just ask, the Gods Of What-The-Eff (apologies,) why is the OU still not a recognized university by Student Finance? That is all. Oh and for the love of all things that is right... sort it out - it's beyond ridiculous.

So yes, whilst April has been marvelous, it's also been disappointing and frustrating. 

How was your April?


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