Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Real Techniques | Modern Natural Kit

Okay. So, when I read about the lovely Pixiwoo sisters releasing two makeup kits, I had this blind panic. I must try it. I of course, adore the Real Techniques brushes so I wanted to see if their first foray into makeup would be just as good.

I wasn't disappointed.

Powder blush & cream highlighter.
Lip gloss & gel eyeliner.

The kit (Modern Natural,) is comprised of three shimmer eye shadows, one matte eyeshadow, a gel eyeliner, two lip glosses, a blush and a cream highlighter. A pretty concise collection, no? All you'd need is your base of choice, concealer and mascara. 

The eyeshadows are a dream to work with; including the matte which has no chalkyness to it at all. Equally surprising, the peachy blush is a gorgeous satin/real skin quality to it which I adore (I'm not usually one for powder blushers...) and the cream highlighter is beyond gorgeous, easily blends into the skin and gives the right amount of glow and is easily buildable. 

The gel eyeliner is great too - it doesn't come out straight up pigmented... it's very much a 'build up' product for me - but really I rarely wear a harsh liner anymore, I'm all about the smudge and 'soft focus' kind of look. In any case, once it was applied it stayed put for the rest of the day. The lip glosses are pretty - just a hint of colour which will look pretty over other lipsticks and such.

So, my only niggle? The packaging. It is quite bulky - I don't mind the cardboard as it is sturdy, but I have a feeling it could of been a little bit more smaller. Plus the plastic on the top isn't actually that sturdy at all, so I probably won't be taking this palette with me for travelling. But it doesn't stop me from decanting it into a smaller Z Palette. 

Overall - a great quality product and an amazing first make-up launch for the girls. I'd love to see a dedicated eye palette and a dedicated cheek palette (bronzer, highlighter, blush) in the future!

You can pick up the palettes here - it works out £15 for the palette (an amazing price for the high quality, really!) and only £1.04 (roughly) to have it shipped to the UK.

Have you tried the Real Techniques Modern Natural kit?



  1. Oooh I really want to try this. It looks so good! xx

    1. It is a great palette! Thanks for stopping by. x

  2. That sounds wonderful! And the price is pretty decent too!

    1. It really is a great price - I think it's also limited, so I'd go get it quick! :)


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