Monday, 9 June 2014

Monday Lusting #6

Clutch // Box // Sun Veil // Perfume // Bronzer // Plate

Happy Monday!
I have been naughty. I have been feeling way too spendy recently and now my bank balance has had enough. But evidently that's no fun. So let's look at some cool things, yeah?

First of all how sleek is that marble style plate from H&M? It'd look amazing on a vanity, bedside table or indeed... as a plate. 

When every blogger (more or less,) starting showcasing their Whistles clutch bags/pouches - I didn't really sit up and take notice. Until now. I very rarely use a clutch apart from in summer time (hence my colour choice,) and it has to have a strap - no negotiating there. So this coral/pink one seems perfect and one that will last absolute years.

Here's to an amazing week!


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