Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Perfect Travel Cosmetics Case

Since my last holiday I have learnt (read; re-learnt as I used to be a frequent flier,) some packing skills in order to not over pack and lug around way more than I need to. Whilst this is more essential with clothing/shoes - the same goes for cosmetics and skincare too and now I have the most perfect travel companion for my makeup travel stash...

I had been looking for a plain, easy to clean double compartment make up case for the longest time - it also had to be reasonably priced - if it got lost I didn't want to be weeping over a lost, expensive makeup bag. When perusing the Muji store, I found what I am now dubbing my perfect travel companion, their Nylon double zip cosmetics case.

As you can see from the pictures above, one side comprises of a roomy area for general makeup, with ruched side pockets perfect for keeping smaller, more harder to find items within reach and organized. The other side has space for makeup brushes and a transparent pocket - to further keep your make up organized whilst on the go.

Whilst it's not the biggest (they do have a larger variation, with handles here,) it is certainly surprisingly roomy which means you can add a few (probably unnecessary) extra products in with ease, which just might help with packers guilt...

You can buy the Muji cosmetics case here, for £9.95.  


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