Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Summer Tag

Another great seasonal tag created by Georgina - seriously, lady knows how to create a good tag! Since the weather has been absolutely gorgeous today (fingers crossed it lasts...) I feel in a pretty summery mood, so let's get on with the tag!

1.  What's your favourite thing about Summer?
The long days, for sure! Even on a (typical British,) rainy summer day, the days are fabulously long meaning a little bit more freedom for frivolity. I love it.

2.  Do you have a favourite Summer drink?
Iced coffee and some sort of rum/fruity cocktail. Pimms, of course. Oh and you know, water. 

3.  Is there a location you like to go to each Summer?
Sort of. Since I was a young whippersnapper we always had our holidays in September in Spain (notoriously hot, cheaper flights and accommodation - this is way before they started charging a fee for parents taking their kids out of term time of course.) I'm actually going to Spain again for two weeks in September with my parents and Josh, I'm so excited!

4.  Favourite makeup look for Summer?
A simple dewy base with a bright lip, or a smokey eye with some bronzer action. Standard summer, I reckon.

5.  Dresses or skirts?
Dresses. You don't really have to think about it much, which is awesome as I'd rather be out exploring.

6.  Sandals or ballet pumps?
Sandals! There is nothing prettier than a dress, sandals and bright polish on the toes!

7.  Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down for Summer?
A bit of both really! I quite like wearing my hair down in summer if there is a bit of a breeze... but usually its up to keep cool.

8.  Deep smokey eyes or bold lips?
I do both. Not at the same time, usually. But I like to rock 'em both during summer (and winter...)

9.  Favourite perfume for Summer?
Hugo Boss - Orange. It's my signature scent, so I wear it year round but I mostly wear it during summer.

10.  Last but not least, favourite music for Summer?
It totally depends on my mood. I like mostly everything from more upbeat dance tracks to crooning soul, Motown and heavy metal - it just depends on the activity.

I hope you've enjoyed the tag and put up with my predictable boring answers - don't forget to check out the original over at Georgina's blog!


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  1. Really enjoyed reading your answers, thanks for taking part in the tag :) Lovely writing style too <3



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