Thursday, 12 June 2014

theBalm Bahama Mama

Call me a coward but I am more or less petrified of base powder products. Having dry skin and in the past using poor products and poor tools meant run ins with the dreaded cake-face and given my preference for a more natural slightly dewy finish - you can understand me gently dipping my toes back into the powdery waters, so to speak. Given my recent-ish new love, the Revlon Highlighting Palette went so swimmingly I decided to indulge myself in another bronzing product, this time theBalm Bahama Mama...

This was also my first foray into theBalm as a brand and I haven't been disappointed (which actually is a bad thing for my bank balance, right?) so far. Bahama Mama is first and foremost, a matte bronzer but it also works as a contour and as a eyeshadow - who doesn't like a cheeky multi-use product? The texture is buttery soft and finely milled - and a little goes a long way so it is best to work with this slowly to build it up - whether your using it as contour or bronzer.

The colour isn't at all scary either - when it arrived I had a mild panic attack that it was going to be too muddy or too orange. Nope. It's just the perfect balance of being able to work as a contour and a bronzer. Well done, theBalm, well done.

And the best thing? No cake face in sight!

Have you tried theBalm Bahama Mama?


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