Monday, 25 August 2014

Monday Lusting #15

Happy Monday!
Is it kind of wrong I'm shopping for autumn/winter? Well, shopping around. It's that age old thing with fashion, where everything is usually released earlier than seems acceptable (summer clothes are released in what feels like the depths of winter and by the time you come around to actually buying your items, it's all on sale by August and none left in your size...) - and even though it feels like autumn in Devon right now, the fact that I'll be on a summer holiday soon hasn't escaped my notice. I'll be seasonally confused when I return.

So, shopping early it is. 

It's been well noted on here, or it feels like it anyway, that I'm searching for the perfect bag each season. At the moment I'm searching for a perfect leather bag. Black or tan, makes no difference although to me tan feels more workable year round. I'm digging this number from Zara, but actually most of their bucket bags are pretty hot at the moment. 

I'm also shopping around for various knitwear - I managed to pick up some fine knits in the H&M sale, which are actually amazing. I still have my ones I bought a few years ago, still as soft as ever. And denim shirts. Kind of desperately want an over-sized denim shirt.

What are you lusting over right now?


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