Saturday, 9 August 2014

This Week #11

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Because it's the weekend, let's catch up...
I mentioned briefly yesterday that the room is finally starting to take shape - almost. There is still lots of stuff to figure out, where to put excess books (does anyone else hate having to store books away, simply because there is no shelf/bookcase space? It kills me!) and all of Josh's filming equipment...

That being said, the MALM unit is built. I know, a blogger cliche if ever there was one - but it is good - definitely not a long term piece, but one that functions well for where we are at the moment.

Most importantly, the prints are framed! They look so much better with plain black frames, quite honestly I don't know why we haven't done it sooner.

I've been away a lot from the blog and various social media - purely because of all this organizing and various doctor appointments - I'm pretty sure once we're done we are going to be jetting off on holiday literally the day after. Oof.

Here's to an amazing weekend!


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