Friday, 8 August 2014

10 Things #3

Because it's Friday.
1. Our wardrobe is dismantled, the IKEA order is arriving tomorrow and little odds and ends are being bought. A more open, living space? So close and within reach!

2. Going sofa scouting made me feel like a grown up, ridiculously so. Until the Mr beat me a few times around the head with the display cushions. It keeps me young.

3. Thoroughly enjoying my dogs excitement for all manner of things. Walks, food, when mother returns. Such joy.

4. Watching the new Captain America - such a great action packed film. Gotta love Fury!

5. Celebrating my Mama's birthday with presents, yummy food and lounging in the sun. 

6. Planning potential outfits for my holiday. A kind of anal, but necessary task. Plus cute summer prints? I'm all over it.

7. New beauty bits arriving through the post. I have more excitement when the postman arrives than my dogs. 

8. Having a huge clothing purge when dismantling the wardrobe. I thought I had edited it down a few weeks ago, but I was harsh with myself (or my clothes...) again and have divvied it up to either go to charities or friends.

9. The thought of having my fringe cut. It's growing to Cousin It status right now, and being blinded my rogue hairs just ain't cool. Especially when driving.

10. Holiday countdown; 23 days and counting...

What's made you happy recently?


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