Saturday, 30 August 2014

This Week #14

Posts on The Bird Song this week; Monday Lusting #15 // What's On My Face #2 // Home | Wishlist // Ten Things #3.
Oh hell yeah.

Well, this is my last 'live' post - the next few weeks of posts over on this blog have been planned and scheduled and should (fingers crossed,) go up without a hitch. As I mentioned countless times already; I'm going to Spain for two weeks with the Mr and some family and this time around I've actually been organized enough to have some posts ready. #feelinglikeagrownup.

My giveaway has now ended; the winner has been contacted and I believe the prize was sent out yesterday - again, sorry it was UK only but when I come back off holiday I'll organize another giveaway that will be open internationally. 

So that's it for now; hasta luego, gente guapa. I'll see you soon.


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