Friday, 29 August 2014

Ten Things #4

Because it's Friday. Let's go.
1. Everything packed and ready to go for Sunday, with only a few last minute things to sort out. I can't believe how quickly time has flown for this holiday to come around - here's hoping the two weeks I'm actually in Spain go slowly...

2. One last day with the pups and littlest widge before we drop them off at the Mr's mothers house. Lots of cuddles today, I think!

3. Having everything ticked off the to-do list. What a feeling.

4. Sorting out what's finally going into my hand luggage, because I enjoy being overly (excessively,) organised with this kind of thing.

5. Walking on Dartmoor. Seriously. Can't get over how beautiful it is, I'm so lucky to live here.

6. Organizing holiday outfits. Am I right? All the planning, actually from this week has made me happy.

7. Seeing the roses continue to flourish with new buds. Easily one of the best buys for the garden this year, they are so beautiful.

8. Making beyond amazing chilli. Seriously. Every single time it's amazing.

9. The thought of being nowhere near a laptop screen for the next two weeks fills me with absolute joy.

10. Green tea. I've been making sure I drink at least five cups a day and seriously? I feel amazing.

What's made you happy this week?


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