Monday, 15 September 2014

Monday Lusting #18

Happy Monday!
I should, technically be back from Spain now. I still scheduled this post, just in case I am delayed or more than likely still in bed. Just because it's a short flight doesn't make travelling any less tiring...

In any case, this little 'Monday Lusting' is my little wishlist for duty free. If I can find at least two of these items? Happy Sophie. 

I'm seriously hoping the Ray-Ban Cats 5000 will be available - I kind of love aviator style glasses but hate the little plastic/gel nose grips that are on most glasses (hence why I love my Wayfarers so much, it's just plastic,) so I'm thinking these will be awesome. Let's wait and see. It's kind of a running joke to the Mr and I that we will probably pick up a second pair on this holiday too. Here's hoping.

Here's to an amazing week ahead!


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