Friday, 24 October 2014

Currently... #2

Because it's Friday...
Watching; The Walking Dead, season five. I finally got around to watching the first two episodes and they were amazingly gruesome. I love it.  
Reading; The Rosie Project, although I've just finished it and it was amazing! Definitely go pick it up, now! 
Listening; To the sounds of the helicopter leaves/seeds falling from their trees and smashing into the windows. It sounds like hail.
Cooking; Soup and crumble. Then some more soup. We've had an abundance of great fruit and veg from our neighbour and as it's so cold I've had making winter warmers for the whole family.
Drinking; Too much coffee after having none for a week. 
Eating; Porridge and soup. Honestly you'd think it was the depths of winter, not autumn.
Wanting; A little more get-up-and-go. There a few tasks that need finishing but it's the classic excuse of "oh I'm so cosy under this blanket right now though..."
Looking; At Christmas related bumf! I've had my first three presents arrive so I'll be wrapping them soon (to stop the sneaky Mr coming across them and ruining the surprise!) 
Thanking; Everyone, for putting up with/looking after me when I was ill. They are good eggs.
Trying; To cut down on alcohol at home - it can be far to easy to reach for one too many of your favourite tipple.
Starting; To sort more winter-appropriate clothes. I had no idea how much summer related clothing I had!
Obsessed; With doggy cuddles on the sofa. Every now and then they both run up stairs during the day to spend an hour with me, which is obviously adorable.
Waiting; To go to the cinema tonight. We're off to catch dinner out and then watch Gone Girl.
Wondering; What to purchase my parents for Christmas. They are pretty hard to buy for!
Appreciating; My Mr, for his patience with me. As always.
Wearing; Fine knit jumpers and my converse walking boots. All the time. 
Blog Loving; This post from Meg at LipsSoFacto. I've been going through a similar thing so it's time to up the supplements!
Excited; For date night tonight, and hopefully some long walks over the weekend.
Laughing; More and more. It feels good. My mood always improves in winter.
Buying; A new makeup palette, which I don't need. And the aforementioned Christmas presents.
Thinking; About the blog, about my back, about Joshua the most, about my family. Again.
Planning; A plan of attack for a winter-clean of the house. It needs to be done!

What are you upto?


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