Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A/W Skincare Edit | Extras

Last week I delved into my skincare shelf and drawer to show you my current skincare routine for the colder months but I realised I'd actually missed out a fair few products that I either use every day or bi-weekly that aren't part of the usual cleanse-tone-moisturise routine...
SPF: Since I have such fair skin with a tendency to burn, even in winter I use a lightweight SPF before slapping on the make up (or going out barefaced, either way...) and my favourite for year round general use is the Avene Hydrance Optimale UV Riche SPF20. I've used this during the summer months too and I have yet to burn with it, it sits perfectly well under makeup and doesn't interfere with any base I use and doesn't feel at all tacky - it just feels like a standard moisturiser.

Mask: I tend to switch up my masks depending on what my needs at the time but I have been loving The Body Shop Honey & Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask. It feels a little like rubbing porridge on your face (and smells like it too,) but the fact this cleanses, moisturises (and of course refines with the scrub action,) means it's a great time saving product, whilst doing it's job.

Control Gel: Or spot treatment, whatever you want to call it. I always use the Origins Super Spot Remover. Super it is, when I use this my spots are visibly reduced in redness and size and whilst it may not make the unsightly cystic looking spots that occasionally crop up (once a month, eurgh, why?) vanish immediately it does a great job of calming everything down.

Blur: I picked this up on a whim and it's hands down the best 'blurring' product I've ever used. The Indeed Labs Nanoblur can be used under or over make up (I've never tried it over though, as it does feel a little too tacky - let me know if you guys have given it a go that way!) and I tend to use this after all of my skincare routine if I have zero time to do make up of any sort. I use it in any problem areas and it just makes your face look that little bit fresher, like you've had a really great skin week, as it were. Great to use when in a bind.

Oil: I tend to use an oil every two days or so after my evening routine and just before bed, I don't need to talk much about the Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ because it is just the 'bomb.' It's hydrating, soothing, reduces scarring from blemishes and overall great skin in a bottle. I love it and cannot do without it.

Water Spray: I use water sprays year round, I know most people think they are a waste of money/time - whatever, but hear me out. The one I go to for winter use is the Caudalie Grape Water and it is heaven scent for soothing irritated skin but also hydrates too. You can use these obviously for cooling down, soothing sun burn and insect bites (I prefer the Avene water spray for such a job, especially on holidays) but also for after make up if things look a little too cakey.

Overnight Mask: For times when I need serious hydration, I break out the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask, left on overnight this provides a really great hit to dehydrated skin and comes in really handy when the flu/cold season comes knocking too (anyone else get weirdly dehydrated and break out at the same time? Madness!)

Any skincare extras you couldn't be without?


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