Thursday, 30 October 2014

MUA Elysium Palette

If you've been a long term reader of this little blog, you will know I love me a good MUA palette. Every one I have picked up on a whim and I have never been disappointed, the most recent drop? The Elysium Palette.

Let's just take a minute, because look at it. A mix of shimmers and mattes all in beautiful rose/bronzey neutral lushness. Sure, the packaging may not be pretty but it is incredibly sturdy, whilst remaining lightweight so it makes it an ideal contender to travel with. All of these shades are all of the right adjectives; Buttery. Pigmented. Blendable. The usual eye shadow descriptive cliche. I'm totally okay with that. 

Also included; a double ended eyeliner, one black and one a highlighting nude (which always comes in handy for inner corners, brow bone or for lining the waterline when your eyes are looking a little tired,) which has equally as much pigmentation as the shadows and doesn't drag.

I always use an eye shadow primer or a cream base to make sure my shadow sticks around all day and so like the other MUA palettes, these last all day on my lids san creasing. Onto the swatches!

Left to right; Air, Cherub, Charm, Refine.

Left to right; Entrance, Adore, Astral, Grace.

L to R; Smoke, Seraphic.

L to R; Highlighting pencil, black eyeliner.

Overall another great palette from MUA including some beautiful shades for autumn/winter. For £6 for ten eyeshadows and two eyeliners? You really can't go wrong.


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