Friday, 7 November 2014

Ten Things #6

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you've all had an awesome week. I've actually been pretty ill again (I think the only downside to Autumn for me is that I always seem to get ill quite a lot?) but it has been a pretty good week, so without further ado; ten things that have made me happy this week...
1. The Mindy Project. I love Mindy Kaling. Adore her. I loved her book, but somehow this show completely bypassed me. Now I am completely obsessed with it.

2. New winter bedding. I picked up this set ready for when it gets really cold (not that long now, because at night it's so cold right now. So cold.) It's brushed cotton, tartan print (so naturally quite festive, no?) and sure to keep even the coldest of feet warm...

3. New mattress. I picked up a new memory foam mattress and it has to be one of the best purchases I made this year. It has zones for support of different areas so I'm hoping in the long run it will help my back - it's already improved my sleep so far.

4. Decor switching. We've been pretty good at finally putting stuff into storage, selling things or donating items we don't want/need and generally switching around the layout of bits and pieces, especially our little picture ledge, namely because a strong gust of wind blew the Mr's prints and broke the frames... but still, the new layout looks good...

5. Hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate but more often than not I'll choose coffee. That being said the Mr picked up some Galaxy hot chocolate and oh my god - it's delicious. It's the little things.

6. Brisk cold walks. Dartmoor is literally two minutes away from my door step and I've always loved it, but in autumn when it's nice and cold and I can finally layer up? Brilliant.

7. Still making all the soups. And fruit crumbles. I dig it.

8. This is an odd one, but - my poor mama has been waiting for her knee operation date and she finally has it! She's had a hospital bag packed for weeks now in case she managed to get through on a cancellation, but now the date is set. It looks like I'll be cooking Christmas dinner this year... 

9. Sausage dog everything. All that know me know that I am completely obsessed with sausage dogs - picture my enthusiasm and sheer joy when I saw this Christmas wrap from BHS. On sale. Brilliant.

10. Ginger bread + pumpkin candles. I picked up the Wax Lyrical gingerbread candle last year on a trip to Tesco. This year I picked up the larger glass candle and a few pumpkin ones too. They smell divine, sweet with a hint of spice. Perfect for this time of year.


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