Saturday, 15 November 2014

This Week #22

Well, I feel like I have some 'splaining to do...
So apologies for lumping this weeks posts (the Christmas gift guides,) with last weeks - but in case anyone didn't notice, I didn't do my usual 'This Week' style post last week. So, just in case it happens again here's why.

Any old readers of the blog will know I've been suffering from pretty bad back pain due to a disc bulge in my spine; nothing to worry about of course, they are pretty common but the pain has obviously done a number on me. About a month ago I started getting some pretty bad abdominal pains, I say pretty bad but imagine being stabbed repeatedly whilst on fire... Pretty horrific and my pain threshold is actually quite high.

So after a trip to hospital, various doctors and such I'm booked in for some blood tests and ultrasounds and what not - the usual testing. So at the moment I have no idea if it's to do with my back or my abdominal area - I'm sure I'll update you all when I know more but like I said; if I don't post, I'm ill. 

I'm sorry if this feels like a 'downer' post, but I'm hazarding a guess (from what analytics tells me anyway,) most of you are adults and can handle some real life, slightly boring and tedious adult type stuff. It's not all pretty palettes and lipsticks. 

Here's to an awesome weekend ahead!


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