Sunday, 15 February 2015

Let's Talk

It's not you, it's me. I joke, but for real, how are you?

I realise it's been a while - I had such good intentions after my little thoughts on blogging less, taking more photos of the day to day, potential recipe posts and of course standard beauty fare that I love to waffle on about. But then I got ill - pretty ill, actually. It was one of those awful flu type situations followed by infections and just generally not ideal to the start of the year. 

However, I am so much better now. Which is awesome, obviously. I'm also pretty happy about a lot of things right now, so let's consider this a update/where the hell have I been/ ten things that have made me happy this week style post. Because I've been absent, naturally my first post back shall be crammed full of everything!

1. I start some sessions at my local hospital soon, it's in relation to my back problems and so far I'm lead to believe it involves indfullness. I've been waiting for these sessions to start, so naturally I'm excited. Even if they are group sessions.

2. All the walks! When I was at my illest, I could barely leave my bed let alone the house. I never realised how much I missed walking with the pooches and the Mr until I couldn't for a little while.

3. I have a new car. It's blue. It goes faster than my first car, even up hill. Exciting.

4. My mojo. And getting it back. I think since September last year I've just had it with everything. Obviously there were good days but my health issues had been getting me down. I still have bad days, clearly, I still suffer with depression and anxiety but overall I feel much happier than before. It's a pretty amazing feeling.

5. Getting lost. We took a new direction on a walk we do and got lost in the woods, sort of. It was beautiful in there and whilst we stuck to the tracks so we weren't truly lost it was a new walk all the same.

6. New films. Namely Whiplash and Big Hero 6. Oh and Nightcrawler. Amazing films. Go watch them now.

7. A clingy cat. My cat Salem is usually quite aloof, distant and to be honest downright evil. I failed to realise he's actually 17 now, so no longer a spring chicken so it's no surprise he's been in alot more and demanding more cuddles than he used to. He still has his evil streak and will soon bat us away when he's had enough of us, but still. Sweet.

8. Plans. We've not made any concrete plans for this year in the form of travel and the like, each of us saving for different things that we need - so in a way it's freeing when we hear about something or want to go somewhere and not have to worry about missing out on what's going on locally. 

9. Spring clean. We are possibly the most dawdling cleaners there are. We each have so much stuff crammed everywhere and we are gradually cleaning things out, donating to charity and taking things to the tip so that we can give a good spring clean in a few weeks time - and repainting everywhere. It's a big job, that seems to be taking ages, but it feels so much better clearing out the junk.

10. Going make up free. I've actually had to start putting my makeup brushes away because they are just collecting dust on top of my dressing table. Crazy. I've been going without make up a lot due to not really going places where it'd be required - even so, I have realised that actually, my skin is pretty great. Awesome.

But enough about me, how are you?


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